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Galaxy Watch 6 Astro Edition

Introducing the Galaxy Watch 6 Astro Edition: Embark on a Celestial Journey with its Astrolabe-Inspired Design

Samsung has unveiled a limited Astro Edition of the 47 mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic sporting a redesign inspired by an astrolabe.

Astrolabes, if you do n’t know, are instruments people from ancient times used to figure out the position of stars at night. It was used back also for traveling and to figure out the time of day.

Obviously, the Galaxy Watch 6 can formerly do effects( it comes with Google Charts). rather, the astrolabe alleviation shines through in the rotating Black Astro Bezel. It now features showpieces of constellations and elysian bodies around the display. The new watch face appears to be a looping videotape of space, presumably the Milky Way.

Altogether, the Astro Edition is a series of nice little indications.

(Image credit: Samsung)

There’s further to the Astro Edition besides its redesign as Samsung did add two star- related features. On the left side of the new watch face are trackers to help amateur astronomers follow the phases of the sun and the moon. On the right side is a simple compass complication. They are not the most vital features for numerous druggies, but they ’re nice eliminations nevertheless.

Limited availability

As nice as this smartwatch looks, you ’re going to have a tough time getting your hands on one because it’s presently only available in the MENA ( Middle East/ North Africa) region. This includes countries like Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. The reason why Samsung is choosing that specific area for the original launch is because that part of the world contributed a lot to wisdom – “ particularly( towards) astronomy and mathematics. ” suppose of it as a thematic gift.

The advertisement doesn’t reveal the price of this interpretation of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. still, checking out Samsung’s Levant( a subregion in the Middle East) website, we see the Astro Edition goes for 350 Jordanian Dirham, which is about$ 500 USD. Buying one gives druggies an redundant Fabric Band, “ Astro Edition collectibles ” plus access to the company’s personality creation store.


Hopefully, this smartwatch does launch away, and we suppose Samsung actually has plans to do so. After all, this information comes from the tech mammoth’s global website we reached out to Samsung asking if it plans on releasing the Astro Edition to other countries like the United States. This story will be streamlined if we hear back.

We should mention the original post states the Astro Edition is the “ first of several limited- edition collections of watches ”. In other words, further redesigns are on their way.

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